AN EASTBOURNE man who was jailed for promoting child prostitution has died in a Filipino prison.

Michael Clarke, 58, formerly of Willingdon Park Drive, has died from TB after serving a 10-year jail sentence.

In 1995, he was accused of organising child sex package holidays from Eastbourne.

An ITN camera crew filmed Clarke discussing opportunities for men to have sex with children as young as 11 on the island.

At the time, Clarke, pictured, was running Paradise Express, a company which ran adult holidays in the Philippines.

He claimed he had been tricked by the reporter and denied having any involvement in the child sex trade.

But a year later, he stood trial in the Philippines and was sentenced to 16 years' imprisonment.

He died on May 27. Just a week after his death, his family received a letter to confirm he was set to be released early for good behaviour.

We spoke to brother David Clarke, who is now based in Fareham, Hampshire.

He said, 'Our family was shocked and very hurt when we heard what he had been up to.

'Michael always maintained he was innocent of the child prostitution charges but had been a bad lad and was into prostitution.

'He learnt the ropes in Thailand and moved on to the Philippines.'

In the early 90s, he spent more than five years in Eastbourne, working for Sovereign Construction.

But during that time he experienced a relationship breakdown and started drinking heavily.

His brother thinks this was when his troubles really began.

Clarke then moved to Thailand and became involved with prostitution.

While he was in jail, Clarke converted to Christianity and helped other prisoners, including murderers on death row.

In August 2001, he founded a prison ministry called Trojan Horse International C/M (Christian and Muslim).

Since then, a branch has been formed in the UK dedicated to helping offenders to rehabilitate.

David said, 'Some good has come from this because within the jail he was able to do a lot for the other prisoners.

'He advised them how to keep out of trouble in the future.

'We have also set up a branch in England to help people who have committed crime to get back into society.'

This charitable work is supported by reformed gangster Dave Courtney.

He will be attending a memorial service at the Bierton Strict Baptist Chapel in Aylesbury on June 19.

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