Magical table isbringing smiles

Sunrise of Eastbourne has delighted residents by being one of the first care homes in the UK to launch an interactive '˜magical table' named The Mobii '“ designed to improve the lives of residents living with dementia.

Wednesday, 14th February 2018, 6:53 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:20 am
Sensory Table SUS-180213-111754001

Eastbourne Mayor Pat Hearn, cut the virtual ribbon on The Mobii at a launch event to loud cheers and a toast of champagne.

The launch was held in conjunction with the team at Sunrise of Eastbourne and the creators of The Mobii to allow residents, family and friends to learn more about how this innovation will help to improve the lives of residents.

The Mobii is an interactive table which uses light and animation to offer residents meaningful activities designed to stimulate physical and metal activity.

It is particularly useful as part of regular activities for those residents living with moderate to severe dementia and is already proving valuable at Sunrise of Eastbourne where team members were thrilled to watch their residents fully engage with the system - ‘magically’ colouring flowers, catching bubbles, singing songs, and even discussing fond childhood memories.

Nancy Ivison, Memory Care Coordinator at Sunrise of Eastbourne, said:

“It was wonderful to watch our residents enjoy the table and a privilege to watch some truly magical moments as it helped them to remember old times.

“The team at Sunrise of Eastbourne are excited to begin incorporating the new system into our daily activities – especially for those residents living with dementia.

“ The Mobii is a marvellous interactive table which will be there for everyone to use, whether they be residents and staff or visitors and families. It is a wonderful addition to the Sunrise community”.

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