Lynx or domestic cat? Golfers start talking

Big cat Royal Golf Club
Big cat Royal Golf Club

A big cat roaming around a local golf club has become a hot topic of conversation among members.

The cat, pictured by Royal Golf Club member Brian Taylor, has been spotted on the Downland course by several people.

They have been calling the Gazette to share their pictures and thoughts on what the cat could be and where it may have come from.

Brian, who managed to get quite close to the animal to take the shot on his mobile phone, said, “While golfing with two friends at the Royal, we were teeing of on the 13th tee when this large cat-like animal came down the bank by the green and walked along the bottom of the bank towards us.

“It was about twice the size of a normal cat with a huge fox like tail.

“I managed to take this photo with my mobile phone.

“Several other golfers also saw it and we wondered if other sightings had been reported to the paper.”

Shaun Stewart, a 50-year-old golfer from Bexhill, described the animal as a ‘lynx’ when he saw it while playing the course on (August 4).

He said, “I thought it had escaped from somewhere.

“I contacted Drusillas because I thought they might have a lynx there but they don’t and I contacted the RSPCA in case someone had reported one was missing.

“It’s all the talk of the golf club.

“It was about three or four times bigger than a cat. It had long hair, it was like a golden tan colour, it had big massive pointed ears and what was unusual was at the tip of the ears, it had big fine pieces of black hair - that was the give away.

“My colleague said it was a lynx. It came out of the trees and on the 14th fareway towards us. It was like he was stalking.

“It obviously belongs to someone in a private collection.”

Have you seen the cat? What do you think it is? Maybe it is your pet? Get in touch at east or call 01323 414484.