Lottery winners celebrate their success at party

Diane Robson, Samantha and Malcolm Lange
Diane Robson, Samantha and Malcolm Lange

LOCAL Lottery winners celebrated at a Millionaire’s Garden Party earlier this month.

It was organised to celebrate the area’s luck and happiness with more than 20 winners from the south east whose combined winnings exceeded £56m.

A recent study found wealth does bring happiness and a university examined the effects of a lottery win on 131 jackpot winners over the last five years and compared the results to a group of people who hadn’t won the lottery.

Lottery winners say they are more satisfied with their lives over time while the group who haven’t won are experiencing the opposite. 

Since the National Lottery launched in November 1994, the south east has had its fair share of memorable lottery winners, many of whom attended the celebrations. Guests included former petrol station attendant, Samantha Lange from Seaford who won £1.5m in 1999 and Eastbourne’s Diane Robson who won £2.4 million.

A National Lottery spokesperson said, “We were delighted to be bringing together so much good fortune under one roof to celebrate. It has been a great day catching up with winners whose lives have been transformed by their windfall.

“The south east has always been an exceptionally lucky area to live.”