Lottbridge Drove in Eastbourne expected to remain closed for hours

Lottbridge Drove in Eastbourne is expected to be closed for several more hours after an oil spill today (Wednesday).

East Sussex Highways says the major road is going to be blocked both ways until at least 9pm this evening.

Photo by Dan Jessup

Photo by Dan Jessup

This is due to a bad diesel spill between Tesco roundabout and Cross Levels Way, which happened at about 9am.

The spill is said to have been caused by a vehicle losing diesel from its fuel tank.

Lottbridge Drove in Eastbourne closed BOTH WAYS causing traffic chaos

Motorists have described the situation as “absolute travel chaos” as the incident has caused serious congestion across the area.

One reader wrote on the Herald Facebook page, “Still not open. Seaside is rammed. Seafront partially closed and Seaside Road in town is closed. Absolute chaos everywhere.”

Another said they had been stuck in the carpark at Booker for more than an hour. They said, “It’s a nightmare.”

A spokesperson for East Sussex Highways said teams are working hard to clear the road.

This situation comes on top of a major closure of the seafront following the Claremont Hotel fire, and emergency gas works in Seaside in the town centre.