Lots of support to get Vulcan flying to town

A GROUP set up to ensure the Vulcan Bomber will take to the skies at next year’s Airbourne has received much support.

Roger Needham, who recently moved to Seaford but enjoys Airbourne each year, said it was a great shame Eastbourne Borough Council was unable to pay the large amount for the Vulcan to fly.

Shortly after the this year’s airshow Roger urged Vulcan Bomber fans to get in touch in a bid to raise the £12,000 appearance fee needed for next year’s airshow.

Plane enthusiasts have been getting in touch with Roger and he says he is pleased with the support he has received.

“The people who have come forward have been really enthusiastic and so keen to do everything they can to help,” said Roger. A website is also now up and running, courtesy of Eastbourne-based web design company Switchplane, which provides links to the group’s Facebook and Twitter pages. It also has a facility to donate money to the cause via PayPal.

Roger said, “I am so grateful to Switchplane. They saw the article in the paper and got in touch to say they would design a website for us.

“They have done it free of charge and it should really help our cause. We are hoping some local businesses might be able to provide some support but we want local people to come on board and offer donations too.”

Roger said the Vulcan is a ‘magnificent’ aircraft and was one of many to contact the Herald and express disappointment last summer when the Vulcan didn’t appear.

Richard Clarke, a spokesperson for Vulcan to the Sky, the organisation which maintains and runs the plane, told the Herald he thought Roger’s group was a ‘fantastic idea’.

To support the group or donate money to the cause visit the new website at www.bringvulcantoairbourne.com.