Lost and Found

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ROSIE’S Register - lost and found cats in the Eastbourne area: 01825 873067

FIRST on the agenda today is lost cat Sooty, who has been missing from his home in Roseveare Road, Eastbourne, since the morning of February 25.

Sooty, as you would expect, is black with short fur, and just one white whisker.

Thankfully he is microchipped, so it will be easy to identify him once found.

Trophy is a white and ginger cat, who is missing from his home in Beverington Close, Eastbourne, and was last seen on the evening of February 27.

Apparently Trophy has ginger on his ears and tail, and is also microchipped. He is a neutered male.

A young part Maine Coon cat called JD is missing from his home in Victoria Road, Windmill Hill, near Herstmonceux.

He is long-haired, tabby, and was wearing a purple collar and bell, though this may have come off him by now.

He does have some white on his chest and, though only just out of kittenhood is quite big for his age, especially his ears which are fluffy. I am told that he has quite a lot of black spots in his coat.

I wonder if anybody recognises the tabby cat shown here today, which has been found straying in Eastbourne.

If you think you do, please contact me on the phone number given elsewhere in this piece or, alternatively, by visiting my website which is www.rosies-register.co.uk

Don’t forget that Cats’ Protection is running a free neutering campaign throughout March. If your cat is not yet neutered, now is the time to sort it.

I am pleased to be able to tell you that Gerard, from last week’s column has been found, and is settling in back at home.