Lorraine proposes to her man live on air

A Polegate woman took the plunge after nine years with her boyfriend and proposed on February 29 — live on the radio.

Tradition dictates that leap year, which only happens every four years, is the only time a woman can propose to a man.

And Lorraine Sayers, 29, made the most of the date to pop the question to her unsuspecting partner, 34-yeaar-old William Wilkinson.

Lorraine also decided to make her proposal live on Southern FM's breakfast show, complete with a surprise commitment ceremony half an hour later.

She had scooped the top prize in a week-long competition on the radio station for one lucky couple to enjoy a honeymoon at the Jolly Beach resort and spa in Antigua.

The proposal was broadcast on Friday. Southern FM's Jack the Lad was waiting incognito at the next table to where the couple were eating breakfast at The Hilton Brighton Metropole.

Jack's microphone was hidden from William and Southern FM's involvement with the proposal was only revealed at the moment when Lorraine asked William to marry her.

Then Jack revealed the surprise twist of the commitment ceremony. The couple's friends and family were waiting in a side room for the ceremony which was broadcast live just half an hour after the couple became engaged.

The couple then jetted off to their official wedding ceremony and all-inclusive honeymoon at The Jolly Beach Resort and Spa in Antigua.

Shocked William said, "I'm still speechless. I can't believe it's been happening.

"I thought something was up on Tuesday when she said she'd been out all day shopping, but didn't come back with any bags.

"I really love her and I'm so glad she proposed, she beat me to it."

Lorraine added, "After nine years together and no ring I thought it was time I took matters into my own hands.

"It's been a great week and I'd like to thank Southern FM for making my dreams come true."

Sussex voted for "Wednesday's bride" as she was known to listeners to protect her identity from a shortlist of five potential brides.

Wedding guests included the mother and father of both bride and groom, and the couple's two children Bronwyn, 11, and Leo, aged 6.

Father of the bride John Sayers, who walked Lorraine down the aisle, said, "It was an absolutely brilliant day.

"I'm so happy and couldn't have asked for a better son-in-law."

Southern FM's Jack the Lad said, "It was a very emotional and highly charged morning which was a pleasure to be a part of.

"I wish Lorraine and William the best of luck in married life.

"They are a great couple and deserve every happiness."