Lookalike says life is being made ‘hell’

Katie Price lookalike Gabriele Randone
Katie Price lookalike Gabriele Randone

AN EASTBOURNE Jordan lookalike says her life is being made hell since the glamour model announced her split from cage-fighter husband Alex Reid.

Mum-of-two Gabriele Randone has abuse hurled at her in the street and receives up to 10 hate messages per day by people who mistake her for the real Katie Price. Now Gabriele, 25, is nervous whenever she leaves her home in Whitehill Close, Old Town, after Jordan became a national hate figure.

Yesterday Gabriele, who earns £500 a time as Jordan’s double, said, “I love my job but I wish I looked like somebody else. It’s hard being the spitting image of a woman everybody hates. I’ve been called a bitch in the street and complete strangers are leaving horrible messages on my facebook page slagging me off. When I went out in Brighton recently groups of women started screaming at me for hurting Peter Andre and Alex Reid. They don’t seem to understand I might look exactly like Jordan but I’m not her.”

Gabriele, who has two children Samuel, three, and nine-month-old baby Oscar with fiance Nick Burnett, was shocked by Alex Reid’s reaction when they met at the official opening of ZT Fight Skool in Eastbourne.

She said, “He was really friendly and chatting to everyone but went quiet when I walked in.

“He stared at me a lot, but I was the only person he didn’t talk to. He didn’t even smile when I asked to have my photo taken with him. I think I completely freaked him out. A couple of days later their split was in the papers so it made sense.”

Gabriele started working as Jordan’s double in 2007 after having her first son. “I’d always been told I looked just like her but didn’t have the confidence to do anything about it.

“It was only after I met Nick and had Samuel that I felt secure enough to give it a go. I sent my pictures off to an agency and they took me on straight away. I had loads of work and loved every minute of it at first as everyone loved Katie. But it has become more difficult after she split with Peter and now Alex.”

The pair came face to face at a recent book signing – but Jordan refused to have her picture taken with her doppelganger.

“It was funny as I didn’t know what she was going to wear and we turned up in exactly the same outfit – just in different colours. She signed a book but wouldn’t have her picture taken with me.”

Angry fans aren’t Gabriele’s only problems. She had a hair disaster last week trying to go blonde like her alter ego. “It’s difficult to go that light after being so dark, and ended up ginger. I gave in and covered it with a black dye so at least I don’t look like a blonde Jordan. It might mean I get some peace for a while.”