Lookalike’s bid for number one

The Chippendoubles
The Chippendoubles

SIMON Cowell’s grip on the Christmas number one will be challenged by a track sung by his alter ego, partly dreamt up by an Eastbourne David Beckham lookalike.

The double act The Chippendoubles, featuring 31-year-old Beckham double Andy Harmer of Eastbourne, released Simon Carol A Christmas Cowell on December 13, trying to repeat Rage Against The Machine’s efforts last year to topple X Factor winners from the top of the Christmas chart. All proceeds from the Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalists’ single will go to children’s cancer support charity, CLIC Sargent.

Mr Harmer, who has impersonated Beckham for 13 years and does so again in the track’s video, said, “I wanted to give money to a cancer charity close to my heart. A lot of people in my family have died from it and when we were making the video for the single, the lady who lent us her house said the charity was also important to her. It is very distressing for children to have to undergo treatment, but CLIC Sargent do everything that they possibly can to help kids and their families prepare for it and to cope afterwards. However, they need money to continue to provide their vital services which is why we wanted to help by releasing this single. The track has a great Christmas feeling and would certainly put some festive fun back in the charts.”

The video is a tongue-in-cheek swipe at Cowell’s dominion over music charts and the X-Factor judges. Louis Walsh features as Cowell’s dogsbody and Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue appear as French maids. Mr Harmer’s Beckham makes a cameo appearance as a carol singer on Cowell’s doorstep among a catalogue of celebrity lookalikes trying inspire Christmas cheer in the pop impresario.

Simon Carol, played by Andy Monk, said, “Obviously this is the best Christmas single of all time. Once people hear it, I am sure they will want to buy it, because what could be a better Christmas present than hearing my voice every day over the festive period.” The single is available from iTunes for 79p with all proceeds going to CLIC Sargent.