Long-awaited cancer unit finally becomes a reality


Artist’s impressions of the new £1.7 million Pevensey Unit at Eastbourne DGH have been released showing a new unit twice the size with more facilities offering patients greater privacy and dignity in a state-of-the-art environment.

The plans will create a new oncology suite with an expanded day unit offering new treatment facilities, providing a high quality patient experience. The new in-patient suite will include new side rooms with en-suite facilities offering greater privacy and dignity, new spacious light and airy three bedded bays, an adolescent room along with more social space for patients and staff. The new unit will encompass the existing footprint of Pevensey Ward and the footprint of Wilmington Ward, therefore doubling it in size.

Overall, the new unit has more bedrooms and en-suite facilities, more treatment areas, more space and more toilets. Detailed working drawings are being developed with a view to starting building works later this year.

The news has been welcomed by campaigners and fundraisers who have spent years holding events to raise money to help equip the new building including Sue O’Hara, who set up the Tuesday O’Hara Fund with her husband Frank after their daughter Tuesday lost her battle with leukaemia and the family and friends of Chris Lambird, a popular sportsman and businessman who died of cancer.

Sue said, “We were all beginning to think the Pevensey unit was never going to happen because we had all been waiting so long so it really is marvellous news.” Chris’s father David Lambird, said, “I am delighted that at long last it is going ahead. We thank all our supporters who have worked hard and raised money.”

The Friends of Eastbourne Hospital have collected more than £500,000 towards the new unit and chair Peter Nash said, “This project has been a long time coming and has been a source of frustration over recent years. We are hopeful the unit will soon have detailed plans and building work can commence.”

Dr Richard Grace, consultant haematologist, said, “We have been waiting for a new unit for our cancer patients for some time now. The expanded day unit will offer a far better environment rather than the cramped area we operate in at the moment.”

Hospital chief executive Darren Grayson said, “The development of a new Pevensey Unit has been a priority for the Trust and although it has taken more time than we wanted, these plans for the new unit offer a superb environment for the treatment of patients.”