Local mum’s charity is awarded £2,000

Marie and Aimee Baker SUS-150123-110846001
Marie and Aimee Baker SUS-150123-110846001

Epilepsy Lifestyle has been awarded £2,000 in the Lloyds Bank Community Fund 2014 in


Following votes from members of the public Epilepsy Lifestyle has been awarded a grant from Lloyds Bank to enable it to continue doing good work in the community.

Epilepsy Lifestyle aims to improve the lives of children and adults diagnosed with epilepsy, in East Sussex, by providing funding for sleeping/monitoring equipment.

Epilepsy affects one in every 103 people in the UK and SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy Patients) affects approximately one in 1,000 epilepsy patients every year.

Epilepsy Lifestyle gives epilepsy patients and their families a choice of four different monitors and we work with the beneficiaries and our suppliers to ensure the most appropriate piece of equipment is chosen specifically for their circumstances and type of epilepsy.

Eastbourne mum-of-two Marie Baker has a daughter called Aimee who suffers from Dravet Syndrome.

Dravet Syndrome causes very hard to control seizures and learning disability.

Marie established Dravet Syndrome UK in 2009, following Aimee’s diagnosis of the life-limiting condition when she was just nine months old.

She was the driving force behind a charity called Dravet Syndrome UK and led the charity to an incredibly successful point before resigning and starting up Epilepsy Lifestyle. She is now the chairperson and founder of Epilepsy Lifestyle.

Marie said, “These monitors range in price from £50, right up to £800 and all work in very different ways.

“This is why Epilepsy Lifestyle work with our beneficiaries and our suppliers to ensure the correct type of monitoring system is granted.

“The monitors provided by Epilepsy Lifestyle are
 not means tested and anyone living in East Sussex and diagnosed with a form of epilepsy can apply. These monitors really do have the potential to save lives.

“The peace of mind that a monitor can give to a family or epilepsy patient can not be underestimated.

“No one should ever have to wake up to find their child or family member has passed in the night from a seizure.”

Marie, who has won awards for her dedicated charity work.

Her most recent was presented to her in Brighton’s Hilton Hotel at the Sussex Awards. She received the Best Volunteer Award, which recognises those who have gone the extra step to benefit others right across the country.

Marie told the Gazette she was delighted to receive the cheque from Lloyds and it would make a big difference.

She said, “The Lloyds Bank Community Fund will make a huge difference to Epilepsy Lifestyle by enabling us to continue funding these monitors, potentially saving the lives of those diagnosed with epilepsy in East Sussex.”