Local man’s TV sketch show goes worldwide

A scene from Rob Holden's new TV show, Sketchers SUS-150121-090305001
A scene from Rob Holden's new TV show, Sketchers SUS-150121-090305001

An Eastbourne actor, producer and director is celebrating after learning his sketch show is going to be shown on national television.

Robert Holden, who runs a theatre company in Brighton, made a short sketch show that was originally planned for a local television station.

However, a few weeks after submitting the programme, he discovered it was to be shown every Friday of this month on Virgin Media, reaching audiences up and down the country.

The good news didn’t stop there as Robert found out the show would also be streamed on Virgin Media’s website, with people watching in Italy , Germany, Mexico and Los Angeles.

Robert said, “My theatre company did a show at Latest Music Bar, in Brighton, and started talking to the owner Bill. He told us about their local TV channel and we decided to do a little programme for them.

“There’s three leads in the sketch show, including me, and it was our first time writing, directing and producing TV. We wrote it, acted in it and directed it within two weeks and gave it to Bill, thinking no more of it.

“Lo and behold, what we thought was just a small local thing is now getting aired every Friday of this month on Virgin Media. I know some filmmakers in Los Angeles who will be watching and I’m taking the show there next week.”

The show is called Sketchers and its pilot episode featured a number of cameos, including Ewan Macintosh, who plays Keith in the BBC’s The Office and Akie Kotabe, who stars in Jack Ryan, The November Man and 2014 blockbuster Everly.

To watch the show locally, tune in to Virgin Media channel 159 at 10.30pm on Friday, January 23 and 00.30am on Friday, January 30. It can also be watched online via www.thelatest.tv.

Robert added, “We’re thrilled about what’s happened and we feel the story of our unexpected lucky break should be shared to inspire other talented dramatists in the area.

“For example, the camera crew on Sketchers haven’t even graduated from drama school yet but their work is already been watched worldwide.”