Local drivers hail the arrival of cashless parking

Parking machines changing to pay by phone SUS-140807-142052001
Parking machines changing to pay by phone SUS-140807-142052001

Motorists in Seaford no longer have to hunt for change following the introduction on Wednesday of cashless parking as an alternative to pay and display parking with coins.

With phone parking there is no need to display a ticket as the Civil Enforcement Officers check which vehicles have paid using internet connected handhelds.

The new service is being provided by RingGo in the form of a quick, easy to use mobile phone app, enabling motorists to pay for parking by credit or debit card, rather than with cash at a machine. The app works with a wide range of smartphones, but motorists will also be able to call a standard rate telephone number to pay for their parking.

First time users will be asked for information about the vehicle, the four or five digit location code (shown on the sign) and details of the payment card. Once registered, RingGo recognises the mobile phone and retrieves the information given, reducing time considerably.

As well as being convenient, paying with RingGo reduces the risk of receiving a penalty charge notice. Motorists will be able to top up their parking if they are running late or simply need a bit longer in town. The optional text reminders can also help. Motorists will be able to choose (at an additional charge) whether to receive alerts 10 minutes before the paid for parking time is due to expire.

Parking machines will continue to accept coins but cashless parking will give motorists more choice on how to pay for parking.

Responsibilities for parking in the district is split between Lewes District Council and East Sussex County Council, including maintenance and enforcement.

Car parking is available both on-street and in car parks throughout the district. Each is managed by a different authority.

The county council is responsible for on-street parking. This includes the maintenance and management of the street pay meters and enforcement.

The district council operates and manages all off-street car parks available within town centre areas.