Loading bays could be used for parking in the evenings

Stephen Lloyd MP with an underused loading bay on Cornfield Rd SUS-140807-132608001
Stephen Lloyd MP with an underused loading bay on Cornfield Rd SUS-140807-132608001

Frustrated drivers searching for a parking space may soon be able to use loading bays after 7pm.

East Sussex County Council is consulting over proposed plans for town centre loading bays to be used as parking spots overnight.

David Weeks, East Sussex County Council team manager for parking, said, “A comprehensive review of parking in Eastbourne which concluded last year suggested that removing 24-hour restrictions in some loading bays in the town centre might benefit local businesses and residents.

“We subsequently proposed this option back in early 2013 but due to objections were not able to press ahead with the scheme in its entirety at that time.

“What we are doing now is consulting on detailed proposals which cover each specific loading bay in the town centre.

“If we don’t receive any objections to changes to a particular loading bay, we will press ahead with the changes for that bay.

“If we do receive objections to changes at particular bays, we will assess each one on its merits.

“We expect the changes to be implemented by October this year if we do not have to take objections to our planning committee.”

Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd, who has been campaigning for the change, said he was ‘absolutely delighted’.

“The thorny issue of loading bays been used to catch out restaurant customers with a stinging parking fine when they park there for a few hours while enjoying a meal at one of the many excellent restaurants in Eastbourne.

“It always struck me as both unfair and bad for business not to allow customers to park in the empty bays when visiting local eateries in the evening.”