Little pup travels to town for better life

Quido after being adopted by an Eastbourne woman
Quido after being adopted by an Eastbourne woman
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An abandoned little dog has been given a new home in Eastbourne in time for Christmas.

Quido has been adopted by Jane Osborne who lives in Langney after he was rescued from a life on the streets in Romania.

Jane said she decided she would like a dog a few months ago after her beloved pet died last October.

She explained there was an ‘empty feeling’ without a dog.

Jane said, “I decided to go down the route of adopting a dog instead of buying one as I felt there are just so many dogs living in kennels and shelters who are desperate for homes.”

Jane found site called A Better Life Dog Rescue, which is a rescue centre in the UK which works with Act Timisoara out in Timisoara, Romania.

The dogs are rescued from appalling conditions on the streets of Timisoara and other areas of Romania.

Jane said, “There are thousands of dog roaming about, many litters of tiny pups, unloved, uncared for and often left at the side of the road after being hit by cars.”

A Better Life Dog Rescue are rescued by volunteers and the cause depends on donations of money, food, blankets, medicine .

On December 3, Jane’s little dog arrived in the UK.

He was one of 14 pups who travelled around 1,500 miles in search of a better life. Jane said, “I know there are individuals and rescue organisations who say we should not be bringing in strays from abroad when there are so many dogs in shelters in UK but surely geography alone should not dictate which animal is saved from a hellish life, and it really is terrible out in Romania for the huge population of street dogs.”

Jane said she could not take credit for the logistics and added, “All credit goes to both of the rescue organisations involved.

“I would also like to thank the wonderful lady named Alex who rescued Quido from the streets of Ploiesti in Romania when he was tiny, covered in mange and starving, and to the volunteer from Eastbourne who went on the four-day round trip to get the pup and bring him to a better life in sunny Eastbourne.”

Quido has built up lots of strength and is now settling in to his new home.