Litter pickers sweep through the villages

Litter pickers in Cowbeech
Litter pickers in Cowbeech

CURTAINS WERE pulled across windows and pet cats carried inside in a hurry as an army of litter pickers, the largest ever seen in Herstmonceux and Cowbeech, stepped menacingly through the streets – on a mission to find litter.

The rubbish collecting crack-troops hit the villages, taking empty drinks cans and crisp packets by surprise. Other bits of litter quickly surrendered to the onslaught.

‘Commander’ Janet McInnes, aka Herstmonceux Parish Clerk, said the mission was to ‘improve the appearance of the villages by removing unsightly litter for the benefit of the whole community’.

Veteran litter pickers have been doing the annual clean-up for the past four years in Cowbeech. New recruits from Herstmonceux joined them this year, targeting grass verges in their village and also Windmill Hill. Stunts Green was also involved in the swoop.

Cowbeech litter pickers were armed with luminous jackets, gloves, bin liners and pick-up sticks collected from St Michaels and took a route down Hammer Lane and around Trolliloes.

Mrs McInnes hoped residents appreciated the effort involved: “Litter should be placed in the appropriate bins and not thrown in the road or hedgerows. The parish council supported the litter pick and thanks all who supported the event in any way.”