Lighthouse gets repaint as it celebrates 111th anniversary

Paint work at Beachy Head Lighthouse
Paint work at Beachy Head Lighthouse

As repainting of the Beachy Head Lighthouse continues, this week marks the 111th anniversary that the light first shone.

The light on the iconic landmark was first illuminated on October 2 1902 after two years construction.

Its trademark red and white stripes are currently being repainted after a major fundraising campaign by the town’s community.

So far the turret housing the lantern has been repainted along with the first stretch of a white stripe.

And high flying painters from Hailsham based firm Sussex Blast Cleaning who are carrying out the work, showed they still have a sense of humour despite spending several weeks sharing the cramped living quarters within the lighthouse.

The specialist team have been scaling the 140 feet tower to add a new coat of red and white paint.

Historian Rob Wassell, who is also a member of the Save the Beachy Head Lighthouse Stripes, which led the campaign to raise £27,000 for the exterior refurbishments, said, “It was written by one of the guys as he was doing some of the preparation with primer paint.

“They have completed one of the white stripes and it looks so much brighter and whiter than before.

“Unfortunately there’s been a couple of days where the weather hasn’t allowed them to carry out the work, but it is progressing well.”

Trinity House, which owns the lighthouse, is overseeing the work, which is expected to last until at least the end of the month.

The repainting has been paid for by the Save the Beachy Head Lighthouse group, which was formed when trinity House said two years ago it could not justify the cost of repainting the traditional stripes as most vessels now use GPS satellite navigation equipment instead of the day marker stripes.

Various events were held across the town with local businesses and organisations also digging deep to help raise the cash.