Lifeguards’ new boat will be ready for peak season

new rescue boat for seaford lifeguards
new rescue boat for seaford lifeguards

A special rescue boat which cost £15,000 will be delivered to Seaford Lifeguards in time for the summer to help keep beach users safe.

The Acacia rescue boat has been specially designed for lifeguards and means the volunteers will be able to respond to more incidents and cover more of the beach.

Money for the equipment was raised by the lifeguards, the community, local schools and Seaford Town Council.

Seaford Lifeguards training manager Tom Gwilliam said, “Seaford Beach gets busier every year.

“It was always our intention to get a second boat to back our boat up.

“On extra busy days we will be able to have a boat at either end of the beach which will decrease our response times.

“That will halve the response time to an incident at Splash Point for example.

“It will definitely improve safety standards in Seaford Bay.”

The boat should be delivered from New Zealand in early June.

Seaford Lifeguards already have one rescue boat, but this extra boat will give them the possibility of covering more of the beach.

It will also enable them to carry out more training for volunteer lifeguards from other parts of the UK.

The lifeguards need to be ready to be tasked by the Coastguard to emergencies at Seaford Bay and all the way around to Cuckmere Haven.

Despite the terrible summer last year, the lifeguards still had a busy year, with quite a few significant rescues at Seaford Head where people were cut off by the tide.

So far this year there have been no serious incidents to attend for the lifeguards, but the peak season is only just beginning.

However, they have been busy training throughout the winter to ensure their skills are in tip-top condition for the summer.

Tom explained the extra boat would also be a big motivating factor for the volunteers, reinforcing what a successful lifeguard station the town has.

It will also enable them to use one boat for training while the other one is ready for action.