Lifeboat shout out for volunteers to help its cause

NEWHAVEN RNLI is issuing its own cry for help and appealing for volunteers to join its team.

The number of lifeboat crew members, fundraisers and general helpers has hit a low in recent months, prompting the lifeboat community to appeal for new volunteers to help swell the ranks and join the RNLI family.

The station is keen to hear from anyone interested in learning more about the station and how they could contribute, and is holding an open day on Saturday February 19 to welcome people and show them what the RNLI experience is like.

The team is keen to hear from anyone who can help - fundraisers, potential lifeboat crew members and education speakers e willing to make school visits to teach children about its lifesaving work.

Many are under the illusion the RNLI is only interested in hearing from people who sail, or own a boat, or are into extreme watersports.

But this is a myth, as the only thing you need to join a lifeboat station community is a little time, willingness to help and a desire to be part of a wider cause.

Lou Purdy, RNLI community fundraising manager, said, “If you are interested in potentially becoming a lifeboat crew member, we want to hear from you.

“Only one in ten come to us with any maritime experience, so full training is provided whatever your background.

“Similarly, we also want to hear from people who can volunteer their time for fundraising.

“It doesn’t have to be joining a committee; it needn’t involve lengthy meetings sat around a table, or minute taking, or any of the misconceptions that often put people off.

“Whether you can spare a couple of hours a month, a couple of days a year, or you want to be more involved, we would love to hear from you.

“In return you are helping to keep the traditional values of the RNLI alive and you get to meet like-minded people, and often it can be a lot of fun.”

The RNLI relies totally on voluntary contributions to enable its vital rescue work.

The station open day is from 11am-6pm and anyone is welcome to go along.

The station’s all weather lifeboat will also be open for tours and refreshments will be provided.

For more information contact the coxswain, Ian Johns, on 07985 595919.