Lifeboat’s crew check progress of Diamond Jubilee

RNLIB Diamond Jubilee
RNLIB Diamond Jubilee

WORK on Eastbourne’s multi-million pound new lifeboat is on target.

The new Tamar Class lifeboat, which will be named Diamond Jubilee, will be handed over to Eastbourne’s RNLI crews later this year and it is expected a senior member of the royal family will visit the town to mark the event.

The launch will commemorate the date on which Queen Elizabeth 11 ascended to the throne in 1952.

Lifeboat crews at Eastbourne have been fundraising for the boat and were excited to see progress when they visited Plymouth recently.

Coxswain Mark Sawyer, mechanic Dan Guy, and operations manager Paul Metcalfe went to the Babcock boatyard in Plymouth where the new boat is being built.

The three lifeboatmen said there is still a lot of work to complete on the boat, but the builders are confident all targets will be met.

Crew training to operate this state of the art vessel will commence in May.

Five station mechanics will attend a week of intensive training at the RNLI lifeboat college at Poole, followed by another group of core crew who will also undergo a week of full-time training.

At the end of May, Diamond Jubilee will arrive in Eastbourne and the remaining crew will undergo up to a month of further training before being passed out by an RNLI inspector.

It is hoped the new boat and crew will be ready for active service by the end of June.