Lifeboat launches to Belgian fisherman

Eastbourne Lifeboat crews were called out to a casualty on a fishing boat who had suffered a crushed hand on Monday night(November 26).

The injured trawlerman aboard a Belgian fishing vessel around 16 miles offshore from Sovereign Harbour

The 36 metre Mare Nostru was fishing between the busy shipping lanes off Eastbourne when a crewman crushed his hand whilst hauling nets.

In need of urgent medical attention, the vessel’s skipper called for help.

Eastbourne’s new Tamar class lifeboat Diamond Jubilee was launched to the scene.

The injured crewman was taken aboard the injured and taken into the care of Dr Steven Lytton and ambulance technician Rachel Pratt.

Once back in Sovereign Harbour the casualty was passed to a waiting ambulance and taken to Eastbourne DGH.