Lifeboat helps two yachts in Eastbourne

Lifeboats helped two yachts in Sovereign Harbour
Lifeboats helped two yachts in Sovereign Harbour

Eastbourne’s all-weather lifeboat was launched twice yesterday (Tueday August 1) to assist two yachts in Sovereign Harbour.

The boat was first launched at the request of the coastguard to help a 14 metre yacht, which had suffered engine failure, on its way to the Fasnet Yacht Race.

A spokesperson for Eastbourne lifeboat said as the first vessel was being towed, a second request was sent for help with a 10 metre yacht which had an overheated engine.

With the first yacht safely in the marina, volunteers from the lifeboat crew took their all-weather boat to collect the second vesssel.

The crew had also been called out at 6.30am the same morning to help a third yacht which had fishing gear tangled in its propeller.