Lifeboat crews carry out two rescues

EASTBOURNE RNLI was called out twice over the weekend as people enjoyed the sunshine out at sea.

On Friday (July 1) three anglers aboard their 17ft boat suffered a double setback four miles off Eastbourne when their anchor became stuck and they were unable to start their engine.

The three men had set out from the local angling club without a working VHF radio and were forced to dial 999 on their mobile phone for assistance.

Fortunately they were able to contact the coastguard who requested the launch of Eastbourne RNLI’s all weather lifeboat. Shortly after the lifeboat was launched the mobile phone signal failed and the volunteer lifeboat crew were forced to conduct a search of the area to find the casualty.

Eventually the stricken boat was located and the anchor recovered using the lifeboat’s powerful winch.

The boat and the fishermen were then taken under tow and returned to the beach near the angling club.

The all weather lifeboat took to the seas again on Saturday (July 2) when a 32ft cruiser with two people on board ran in to difficulty. The vessel was drifting in the tide, four miles offshore after, suffering an electrical failure which meant the couple were unable to start the boat’s engine. Contact was made from the cruiser to Dover Coastguard via VHF radio and the coastguard requested the launch of the lifeboat.

The volunteer lifeboat crew were guided to the cruiser’s location with their sophisticated direction find equipment and were quickly on scene. The lifeboat men rigged a towline and the vessel was returned to Sovereign Harbour and passed to a harbour work boat.