Life-saving scheme to work with fire service

Heartstart Eastbourne offers free life-saving training, including CPR, to hundreds of people.
Heartstart Eastbourne offers free life-saving training, including CPR, to hundreds of people.

The Heartstart Eastbourne scheme has teamed up with East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service to offer more people the chance to learn Emergency Life Skills (ELS) for free.

Heartstart Eastbourne is a British Heart Foundation initiative that is sponsored by Eastbourne’s Ambulance Community First Responders. It provides free ELS training to anybody over the age of 10 in the community.

Heartstart Eastbourne has now teamed up with the ESFRS, whose personnel are formally trained as Heartstart instructors, to offer the scheme to those on the fire service’s outreach programme.

Justin Goodchild, East Sussex Fire and Rescue Heartstart contact, said, “This is a wonderful opportunity to provide this valuable service to our many volunteers and those on our outreach program. We really look forward to working together as a team for the common good.”

The Heartstart training course only takes two hours but covers a wide area of skills needed during an emergency. The programme includes assessing an unconscious patient, putting an unconscious patient in the recovery position and performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

During those two hours, volunteers will also receive an introduction to a defibrillator and gain knowledge on dealing with choking and serious bleeding, as well as someone who may be having a heart attack.

The course is open to those with no previous medical training and can help people save lives with some very basic, simple skills.

CPR, in particular, is a valuable skill to have. It can buy a patient time while waiting for professional help to arrive and statistics show that being able to do CPR more than doubles their chances of survival.

The Heartstart course is designed to follow the current Resuscitation Council (UK) guidelines. The course lasts about two hours and provides practical hands-on learning - a practical learn-by-doing experience.

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