Lib Dems opposing plans to build new homes on Eastbourne green belt

Protestors are pictured at Pennine Way
Protestors are pictured at Pennine Way

BUILDING of houses on the green belt which borders Eastbourne is being opposed by Liberal Democrats.

They led the opposition to Wealden District Council’s proposals to allow development on land around Eastbourne at a public inquiry.

At the top of the agenda was opposition to build homes on green belt land between Willingdon and Polegate and around Langney in Pennine Way. Liberal Democrat councillors David Tutt, leader of Eastbourne Borough Council, and Alan Shuttleworth, Langney councillor, said they were totally opposed to building on the fields.

Cllr Shuttleworth said, “We need to maintain our green belt. Massive house building will place undue pressure on already overstretched services.

“There are already major drainage issues surrounding the water treatment and pumping capacity, coupled with issues around health provision, roads and transport.”

Councillor Tutt also drew attention to the existing pressure on local school places and buildings.

He said, “Eastbourne schools are already full to capacity and there are an ever-increasing number of mobile classrooms in use. East Sussex County Council has no plans to build new schools in the town. More housing means more pressure on school places, local facilities and local employment.”

Langney resident Tony Fothergill added, “It is appalling to build on what is left of our green belt between built up areas.

“Why can’t we build on brown field sites in existing housing areas and leave our open spaces alone.”

The inspector took representations from other objectors including strong objections to propose development at Hindsland Playing Fields on the green belt which separates Willingdon and Polegate.

Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd reaffirmed his opposition to the proposed housing development in Willingdon and the housing under consideration for land on the green belt around Langney.

The inspector will consider representations and produce his findings on Wealden Council’s Core Strategy in the spring.