LEWES BONFIRE: Police to investigate complaint about Alex Salmond effigy

The Alex Salmond effigy
The Alex Salmond effigy

Police will investigate a complaint about the portrayal of Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond as an effigy at a bonfire in southern England today.

It was thought the effigy would be burnt after being paraded through a town’s streets as part of its annual bonfire celebrations.

East Sussex County Council tweeted a picture of the model created by the Waterloo Bonfire Society for the Lewes Bonfire parade which attracts thousands of people to the East Sussex town every year.

However they were quick to disassociate themselves of any involvement in creating the effigy following a backlash against it.

The model shows Mr Salmond holding a sign which says 45%, the number of Scottish people who voted for independence from the UK in September, while the Loch Ness Monster peers over his shoulder.

Sussex Police said tonight it was aware of the portrayal of Mr Salmond at the event and acknowledged that concerns had been raised.

It added: “Whilst we accept there is a long tradition of creating effigies of high-profile individuals in politics, sport, the media, etc, a complaint has nevertheless been received and will be investigated.”

The force also tweeted: “For those enquiring we have been advised that there won’t be any burning of the Alex Salmond effigies this evening in Lewes.”

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