‘Let’s build on volunteer spirit’

A CHARITY champion is hoping the volunteering ethos generated by the Olympics can spur more people into helping local good causes.

Debbie Wicks, who helps with the Friends of Eastbourne Hospitals, wants Gazette readers to take a leaf out of the Games Makers books and give some spare time to the local community.

She said, “It’s been fantastic to witness the country coming together and enjoying the Olympics?

“The achievements of our sports men and women and support of the public have surpassed all expectations and been wonderful to watch.

“I have been particularly impressed by the Games Makers, who volunteered their time and skills to make the events run smoothly. They have really made the difference and it would not have been such a success without them.

“I would love to see this spirit of volunteering carried forward into the future. There are many volunteering opportunities and one of these is at our local hospital.

“Corinne France, voluntary services manager at the DGH is holding a special retail recruitment session on Wednesday, August 29 from 10.45am until 1pm, for anyone interested in volunteering in one of the Friends of Eastbourne Hospital’s shops or with their ward trolley team.

“If you would like to book a space at the session and find out more call Corinne on 01323 417400 ext 4880. Go on, get involved and help to really make a difference.