Learning the language of new business

Clive Gross and Martin Sketchley (back row centre) with students on the 'Get-a-Head Start in Business' Eastbourne course.
Clive Gross and Martin Sketchley (back row centre) with students on the 'Get-a-Head Start in Business' Eastbourne course.

A NEW style business start-up course for aspiring entrepreneurs from local migrant communities has been launched at the Community Wise centre in Eastbourne.

Created jointly by local charity English in the Community and Arcana Coaching business support, Get-a-Head-Start in Business uniquely combines small business enterprise training with business English language tuition.

It has been specifically designed to give students whose first language is not English a solid start in the business world.

The eight-week evening course will provide a simple, step-by-step programme outlining everything the new business man or woman needs to know to help run a successful small enterprise.

Subjects covered include developing ideas, market research, marketing, identifying customers, accounting, finance and legal requirements of running a new business.

An English language teacher works alongside the business coach during the course to help students learn the business English vocabulary they will need.

Clive Gross from Arcana Coaching said, “Many people from migrant communities are very enterprising and want to start a business, but often struggle with business jargon and laws that can be vastly different from their country of origin.

“Being able to overcome these barriers by combining business and language tuition will help them avoid the pitfalls that cause many new businesses to fail.”

The English language element of the course is unique and it is believed the training is the first of it’s kind in the UK.

The Eastbourne course follows on from a successful pilot run at English In The Community’s learning centre in St Leonards in the summer and includes students from France, Spain, the Czech Republic, Japan, China, Russia, Romania and Venezuela.

It is hoped to run the course across the region in the next year.

English teacher Martin Sketchley said, “I have taught English abroad and in this country for more than five years and this is the first time I have come across a course like this.

“It gives students a unique opportunity to develop their language and business skills together and ask all those questions they might not otherwise know they need to ask.”