Leak in Langney Shopping Centre roof after deluge

Water started dripping from the ceiling at Langney Shopping Centre during a stormy downpour on Tuesday (July 25).

Shoppers in the new centre, which has undergone extensive repairs since its roof caved during heavy rain in December 2012, were shocked and concerned when they noticed the leak inside the newly-refurbished Tesco store, which only re-opened around two week ago.

Regulars at Langney Shopping Centre recall the various leaks and buckets to collect rain before the roof collapse, so water dripping from the ceiling on Tuesday set alarm bells ringing for some.

However, the owners of the centre have said it was only a ‘small amount of water’ and the firm is reassuring customers and staff it is nothing to worry about.

A spokesperson from London and Associated Management Service (LAMS) said, “An engineer was able to investigate immediately and revealed that one the drains/downpipes had not been properly sealed.

“The seal has been replaced and the roof is once again watertight.”

Each unit has undergone repair and reinforcement works to its roof. Managers at the council’s building control department have checked off each unit as the work has been completed and before the traders move back in. They say they are ‘confident’ the building is safe.

Paul Dunstall, assistant building control manager, previously told the Herald, “The works that have taken place will prevent a further failure.

“It is now a safe building and people do not need to worry when they go shopping. Work is still going on but there are no problems I think it looks smashing where the cafe is.”

Businesses have been gradually moving back in to Langney Shopping Centre and it is almost back to full capacity.

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