Leaf Hall cash boost

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A much-needed cash boost will help see vital work on an historic building in the town get underway.

A donation of £5,000 from Central and Archery Panel has been made handed over for The Leaf Must Not Fall Campaign and takes the total raised since the fundraising appeal was launched to £10,000.

A campaign began in September last year to save the Leaf Hall Community Arts Centre in Seaside from closing.

The latest amount added to what has already been raised will provide enough funds to start the work on the roof on the eastern side of the building.

This is the side where the roof is badly damaged and where water comes into the building.

Gina Leonard, chair of the Trustees, said, “We’re not there yet but this grant means that we can start the crucial phase of work which gives us breathing space to continue with the rest of the fundraising knowing that we won’t have to close or, worse still, sell the building.

“The Trustees and a fantastic group of committed volunteers have worked really hard over the past four months to get us this far and people have been really generous with donations.

“We are so grateful to everyone, and particularly to the Central and Archery panel, who’s helped in the journey to date.

“We’re not out of the woods yet, and we still need lots of support, but it is so heartening to know that people really do want this beautiful building to be saved.

“It couldn’t be a better gift to start celebrating the Leaf Hall’s 150th Anniversary year.

“We’ve been lucky over the past few weeks.

“The Leaf Hall has fared quite well in the storms as the wind has been coming from the west.

“If it had been coming from the east we could be telling a very different story!”

If you wish to donate or volunteer at the Leaf Hall contact the trustees on 325764 or email: info@leafhall.co.uk