Lastest offences - facts at a glance


Residents in Seaford are being urged to be extra vigilant following two burglaries that recently took place in the town.

Jewellery was taken in both incidents and offenders made attempts to force open a rear conservatory door at another property in the town.

In one of the burglaries a house in Southdown Road was broken into after a downstairs window was forced open. The crime took place between 6am on November 20 and 10pm on November 21. An untidy search took place and jewellery was taken.

A house in Steyne Road was targeted between 7.30am and 2pm on November 21 where attempts were made to force open a rear conservatory door.

These two offences come after another burglary occurred at a house in Meads Road on November 16, where a quantity of jewellery and portable electrical items were stolen, after entry was gained via a ground floor window.

Police Sergeant Stuart Mullins said, “It is thought that these offences are all linked, given their close proximity and the possibility that they were all committed during the day.

“We are urging all those that live in the vicinity to be on their guard and to be wary of anyone looking out of place or acting suspiciously. If you see or have seen anything suspicious don’t hesitate to contact police, if necessary on the emergency number.

“Just because someone is wandering around in broad daylight without a care in the world does not mean that they are legitimate and acting honestly.

“If in any doubt contact the police straight on the emergency number.”

Anybody with any information about these crimes or any others is asked to contact the police either directly or on the Crimestoppers number 0800 555 111.