Landlords alerted to market change

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Landlords who let to students in Eastbourne are being encouraged to attend a meeting a week tomorrow to discuss changes in the market.

The National Landlords Association (NLA) is holding the event and Sabina Wagner, assistant head of accommodation services at Brighton University, will deliver an update on the changing student market in the area.

With rising tuition fees for UK students and visa restrictions for overseas students affecting this years’ intake, landlords will need to consider how they can make the most of the opportunities for next year.

Tim Crook from Housing Law Services will also be on hand to explain how the police and local authority legal powers can help landlords combat cases of anti-social behaviour, while Joan Clarke, of the illegal lending team at Trading Standards, will explain how landlords can help protect their tenants from loan sharks.

Tony Richard, the NLA’s Representative for Eastbourne, said, “As students settle into the autumn term at Brighton University, landlords have the opportunity to discuss how the local market is changing and how they can learn from these developments in advance of the next academic year.

“This meeting will also provide an opportunity for landlords to discuss issues that can affect tenants such as loan sharks and anti-social behaviour. Letting to people is a big responsibility and it is essential that landlords are aware of problems affecting tenants.”

The meeting, which is open to all private landlords and letting agents, will be held from 6.30pm on Wednesday, December 5 at the Lansdowne Hotel, King Edward’s Parade.