Katy encourages Eastbourne people to apply to be PCSOs

Sussex Police is encouraging people to join them and apply to become a police community support officer (PSCO).

More than 250 people have already applied to be PCSOs in Sussex - but potential candidates are still being encouraged to put themselves forward.

Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne'28/5/13

Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne'28/5/13

The recruitment drive for 60 PCSOs remains open until January 2, with Sussex Police keen to see as many candidates as possible applying for the rôles.

Police and crime commissioner Katy Bourne, said, “I am really pleased with the response we have seen so far, with an average of more than one application every hour since the recruitment window opened.

“But I would again encourage those who have been thinking about a new career as a PCSO to take this opportunity.

“PCSOs are a vital part of the neighbourhood policing model that Sussex residents value so highly.

“They are at the heart of the way we police our communities and will continue to play a key rôle in how local crime and anti-social behaviour issues are tackled. I hope this opportunity continues to attract applicants from a wide range of backgrounds and we are looking forward to identifying those who will best serve the communities in Sussex.”

PCSOs fulfil a number of important rôles - from dealing with low-level nuisance and anti-social behaviour, to forging links with the public and businesses. Providing reliable support to frontline police, they help to reduce crime and reduce the fear of crime. They have the authority to remove vehicles, issue fixed penalty tickets and to conduct other duties that do not require the powers of a police officer, such as directing traffic and guarding crime scenes.

For more information visit www.sussex.police.uk.