Katy Bourne says she will stand again for PCC post

Katy Bourne, PCC for Sussex. Taken at County Hall, Lewes. 11/10/13
Katy Bourne, PCC for Sussex. Taken at County Hall, Lewes. 11/10/13

Reflecting on two years as Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne has said she will stand again in 2016.

With responsibilty for policing in Sussex, setting budgets, priorities for the force, and holding the Chief Constable to account, Mrs Bourne explains why she will stand again.

“Two years on I still feel hugely privileged to have been elected as PCC for Sussex during what is, and has been, a very difficult time for policing,” said Mrs Bourne.

“I wholeheartedly believe that this role is a vast improvement on the much less transparent, accountable and extremely bureaucratic, police authority which it replaced.

“My greatest frustration prior to the election was that members of the public were not given sufficient information to enable them to understand my role and the opportunity that it brings for Sussex. However, I am working hard to reverse this by meeting and listening to as many local residents as I can. It’s not about every resident knowing my name, it is more important that they want to have a say in policing and crime in their area and know who to talk to about it. The growing amount of correspondence to my office is testament to this. I’m often asked to describe a typical day in my role as PCC but no two days are the same. Once a week I start or finish the day by attending an early or late turn shift in one of the police divisions. I enjoy this immensely as I get the opportunity to talk to officers and staff and hear first-hand some of their concerns. I have regular meetings with chief officers in order to give me an oversight of Sussex Police’s performance and key pieces of work.

“Ultimately, my success as PCC will depend on my understanding of the county and its residents and shaping the police force accordingly. I want residents to know I am an accessible commissioner and a strong voice for local people in the fight against crime. I have lived in Sussex all my life and I want local people to know that they can raise their families here and feel safe.

“I intend to stand for re-election as I want to see the projects and policies that I have developed through to completion.

“That’s important to me and I think it’s important for residents to have a consistent voice on policing and crime.”