Jobs set to be lost at the railway station

Eastbourne Station October 18th 2012 E42144N
Eastbourne Station October 18th 2012 E42144N

A handful of jobs could be lost at Eastbourne Railway Station.

A reshuffle of roles by Southern Rail could see as many as eight members of staff see their jobs disappear at Eastbourne.

But Southern is insisting no one will leave the business and there will be no redundancies.

The Herald has received details of the proposed changes which says that while there will be no change to the number of platform staff, two toilet attendants will lose their jobs and be employed elsewhere, three staff who man the barriers will and three members of staff who distribute ticket machines to conductors will be redeployed.

No changes are planned for Hampden Park, Berwick and Pevensey and Westham stations.

But one job will be lost at Polegate in the ticket office.

The shake up is part of a review across the Southern Rail East Coastway which stretches from Ashford in Kent along the coast to Brighton.

Disgruntled staff at Eastbourne Railway Station say there has been no consultation with the public on the proposed job changes and losses and decisions will be made at the end of February.

One member of staff, who does not want to be named, said, “Around 25 jobs are to go along the Southern East Coast rail line which includes Eastbourne, Rye, Hastings, Bexhill and Lewes stations.

“The consultation is not open to the public and closes on February 27. It means around 6-8 jobs to go at Eastbourne and a number from Bexhill Ticket Office and Platform.”

A spokesperson at Southern told the Herald, “We have just completed a station-by-station review on the East Coastway to determine how we can deploy staff so we can offer the best customer service possible. We are not in a position to be able to make public what these changes will be as we are talking to staff, but what we can say is that there are no plans to lose anyone from our business as a result of the review.”