It’s not rocket science to fix pot holes, says Seaford resident

One of the pot holes in Marine Parade, Seaford
One of the pot holes in Marine Parade, Seaford

POTHOLES along a busy stretch of road in Seaford have caused one resident to contact the town’s MP about the matter.

A fed-up Geoff King has also been in touch with the Highways team at East Sussex County Council (ESCC) demanding action be taken.

The Marine Drive resident said he first reported the problem on January 11 and weeks later Mr King reported that the situation still had not been resolved.

In an email to ESCC Highways he wrote, “Another week has passed and nothing has been done about the many potholes in Marine Parade, Seaford, between Edinburgh Road and Dane Road.

“This section of road along by the Salts Recreation Ground is littered with at least a dozen potholes. What does it take to get all these potholes mended?

“Come on East Sussex County Council Highways, this is not rocket science.

“Let’s have all the potholes repaired.”

He said there is around a dozen pot holes, some of which were now quite deep.

The county council has responded to point out that repairs have been carried out to the road, but there are still some concerns.

Roger Williams, head of highways at the county council, said, “We appreciate that potholes in the road can be a nuisance and endeavour to repair any potholes which may be dangerous within 24 hours of them being reported.

“Our records show that we did respond to Mr King’s initial report and filled several potholes in the area.

“We have sent one of our inspectors to look at the whole road again and noted that it is still in a bad state with a dozen potholes in the surface.

“It may be that the initial repairs have been worn away. We will be sending another team to fix the potholes on Monday and scheduling in more permanent repairs as a priority.”