It’s never too late for careers guidance

WEALDEN MP Charles Hendry has lent his support to England’s first all-age national careers service.

The Right Advice At The Right Time will help young people and adults get information and guidance on training, learning and employment.

According to the MP the initiative will help people into work, by providing high quality, independent advice. Furthermore, the creation of an independent National Council for Careers will ensure that the advice given reflects the latest developments in the labour market.

The breadth of this initiative is exciting, with 3,250 locations in local communities across the country, urban and rural, which will be able to provide face to face advice for all adults aged 19 and over.

Mr Hendry said, “The National Careers Service has the potential to provide individuals, young and old, with employment opportunities that they may never have expected. “Talking with children in Wealden’s schools and colleges, it has become clear to me that pupils do not want their lives to follow a formulaic path, but be allowed to further their ambitions without fear of rejection.

“When the economy lags it is often the younger generations that suffer most. We need to act now to address that challenge which is why I give my full support for the National Careers Service, which aims to help people of all ages in all areas.”