It’s monkey madness at Drusillas

Emperor Tamarin with baby at Drusillas Park
Emperor Tamarin with baby at Drusillas Park

DRUSILLAS is currently in the midst of a baby boom with a multitude of mini monkeys popping up around the park.

Among the latest arrivals are two emperor tamarins, two cotton-topped tamarins, three red-handed tamarins and two silvery marmosets.

The monkey madness started when Emperor tamarin, Lucy gave birth to twins.

This species takes its name from the 19th Century Emperor, Wilhelm II of Germany, who they are said to resemble on account of their distinctive moustaches. The pair are becoming more independent everyday and can now be seen playing with their older siblings.

Two silvery marmosets were next to make an appearance. They are thriving under the watchful guidance of proud parents Captain Jack and Hester.

Then it was the turn of the red-handed tamarins, who delivered triplets. Keepers made the happy discovery on September 28 and all the babies are doing well and prospering. This species usually have two babies at a time which are generally carried around by the father; to have three is rare.

Finally two critically endangered cotton-topped tamarins arrived. The tiny bundles were born on October 14 and are doing well with the help of Dad, John and Mum, Georgie.