It could have been the original Drifters!

The Drifters ANL-140430-091520001
The Drifters ANL-140430-091520001

The Official Drifters at the Royal Hipodrome Theatre – review by Harry Pope.

The still hugely popular Official Drifters came to Eastbourne but why did they feel that they needed two ‘bouncers’ to stand at the front? Oh yes, in case the audience tried to storm the stage. Please, here in Eastbourne. I don’t think so.

They were unaware that one security detail was a 66-year-old, the other his wife, protecting their life and limb from hordes of unwanted fans. But what about the show. Superb. All the hits were there, Saturday Night at the Movies, Up On The Roof, Come on Over to my Place, and more, plus new ones, plus Gospel.

Three were younger men, the fourth the leader, but close your eyes and they could all have been original Drifters.

The audience were treated to a full evening of top class entertainment by an original band still at the top of their form.

The charming intimate theatre hosted something to be remembered for a long time to come.