‘Inspiration’died from brain bleed

A POPULAR blind lady who was found in her neighbours’ garden in February’s freezing conditions died in hospital from a head injury.

Ruth Warwick, of Wannock Avenue, passed away at the DGH on February 15 and an inquest into her death was held at Eastbourne Magistrates Court yesterday afternoon (September 13).

Coroner Alan Craze was told the 86-year-old was an inspiration to many because she had been blind since the age of 18 but had continued to knit, grow flowers in her garden and take part in a wide range of crafts.

June Exworth, a close friend, took Miss Warwick out around three times a week and she described her friend as a ‘cheerful’ lady and said they would go to wood carving classes and church together.

Despite being of reasonably good health, Miss Warwick was confused when she was found in her next door neighbours’ garden early in the morning of February 9.

The neighbours found her standing in the garden and they wrapped her up warm before calling the ambulance.

Malcolm Stanford, who lived opposite Miss Warwick, found her that day. He said, “We were amazed to find her in the garden because she would have had to walk all the way round the house.”

Mr Stanford said his main concern was to keep her warm as there were no visible injuries or any blood.

Mr Craze was told Miss Warwick was confused about the incident and what had happened but was able to hold down a conversation.

However, she deteriorated when she was in hospital and died from a massive bleed around the brain on February 15.

Mr Craze questioned Dr Atesli, who saw her when she was admitted to A&E, about why a CT scan wasn’t done.

Dr Atesli said her symptoms did not necessarily point towards a bleed on the brain.

Mr Craze said it would not have made a difference to the outcome and recorded a verdict of accidental death.

He added, “So many people have put themselves out for this lady over the years.

“She was obviously an extremely ‘ and nice person to be with.

“It is very heartening and warming to here of the care the neighbours have tried to give her.”