Inquest: ‘Bubbly’ Kelly, 27, died of natural causes

A ‘friendly’ and ‘bubbly’ 27-year-old found dead in her bed died of natural causes, an inquest has heard.

Kelly Morgan, of Royal Sussex Crescent, was found by a house mate on July 30 last year.

An inquest into her death last week heard she had been in contact via Facebook with her best friend the night before and had mentioned catching up with her when her friend was back from holiday.

The friend told the inquest when she had been chatting to Kelly through Facebook no ‘alarm bells’ had been ringing and that Kelly would tell her everything.

A statement read on behalf of her house mate Anthony O’Sullivan said he had returned home on July 30 and gone to give Kelly, who had been out the night before, her key fob that he had found on the floor.

He said there was no answer when he knocked on her bedroom door and went inside to find her face down on the bed.

He said she had been cold to touch and after trying to find a pulse he called an ambulance.

Kelly, who had a mental health illness and a long history of alcohol misuse, had more than the therapeutic level of the sleeping tablet Promethazine in her system and alcohol consistent with being two times the drink drive limit but the inquest heard the two mixed together at that level would not have caused her death.

Her mother Karen Morgan, who described her daughter as ‘friendly, fun and bubbly’ and someone who ‘made people smile’, told the inquest several relatives in the family had died suddenly.

Pathologist Dr Mark Taylor said he was unable to ascertain a cause of death.

He said there was nothing wrong from a cardiac point of view that was found at post mortem, that she had fluid on her lungs but this would not have killed her and that her liver was fatty.

He said there are cases where people die suddenly with no previous symptoms and nothing is found at the post mortem.

Coroner Alan Craze said there was no provable cause of death but a number of factors including the fatty liver, the degree of alcohol intake and the levels of the sleeping tablet may be taken into account, adding, “This has been a difficult inquest mainly for the reason that nothing immediately stands out obviously to a particular cause of death.”

He said he was satisfied on the balance of probabilities that Kelly died from natural causes.