Injured swan will return home after treatment

Bloody swan rescued by WRAS
Bloody swan rescued by WRAS

A swan which was found covered in blood in Wartling is now ready to go home.

The East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS)rushed to the aid of the swan, which was found covered in blood after a break injury on Friday, January 9.

And after some TLC, the service said the swan will be returning to its home.

“Look who is ready to come home,” said a WRAS spokesman. “This is our swan from Wartling which was found covered in blood! Big thank you to the Swan Sanctuary for their help and support.”

Members of WRAS including Trevor Weeks, Chris Riddington from Eastbourne and Tony Neads of Polegate rushed to the scene and found the swan in a field just west of the road between the village of Wartling and Pevensey Service Station.

“I’ve never seen anything quite like it,” said Chris.

“The swan was completely red, there were no white feathers at all, just blood everywhere.”

The rescuers effort were hampered due to flooding across the field and after the swan managed to fly off.

Rescuer Trevor Weeks said the swan landed in a drainage dyke at the far side of the field, so he had to swim across in order to catch it.

After the heroic move, the swan was taken to WRAS’s Casualty Centre, where its beak cut was treated.