Independent organisation offers support to stroke sufferers

STROKE survivors are being encouraged to take advantage of a support group which meets regularly in Eastbourne..

The Eastbourne Stroke Support Group (ESSG) is an independent organisation established because of what it sees as a lack of post-hospital aftercare for sufferers throughout the UK.

As many as 1,000 people a year suffer from a stroke in Eastbourne and the idea behind ESSG is that it provides people with an ongoing source of information and support.

It meets regularly to provide stroke survivors, and others who have suffered brain injuries, with information on the emotional and psychological aspects of suffering a stroke which can affect them.

The meetings also create a confidential forum in relaxed surroundings for stroke survivors to discuss their situations with others who have suffered the same problems and frustrations as they strive to return to full health.

There are no fees or charges involved, and members can join the group at any stage.

For further details contact 01273 782715 or email