In a spin learning maths

Ratton Maths Monkeys
Ratton Maths Monkeys

RATTON School has been developing a new approach to mathematics using circus skills.

Collaboration between the maths and performing arts departments has developed the use of circus skills and recently Andrea Lines and community arts officer Miz Wells accompanied three students on their first outreach workshop at St Johns Meads Primary School.

Pupils were taught how to use spinning plates and diablos, what the different parts of a circle were called, to use a tachometer to establish how many revolutions the plates and diablos were doing in a minute and then how to work out the speed and distance they were travelling.

“Learning circus skills uses both sides of the brain, which is great preparation for problem solving and learning more generally,” said Miz Wells.

“Is also a lot of fun so it is a perfect way to bring maths to life as well as developing children’s confidence in trying something new.”

All participants had a great time trying out circus skills and were able to develop and deepen their understanding of the maths involved.

For more information about Circus Monkeys community drop in or the Maths Monkeys project contact Miz Wells at or telephone 514322.