Improvements planned for ‘extremely dangerous’ Eastbourne crossing

An ‘extremely dangerous’ Eastbourne crossing is set for improvements after 97 people backed the plan in a public consultation.

Monday, 18th March 2019, 4:51 pm
Updated Monday, 18th March 2019, 4:56 pm
Traffic building up at the Green Street junction of Victoria Drive

On Monday (March 18), East Sussex County Council’s lead member for transport Nick Bennett approved proposals for improvement works at two zebra crossings in Victoria Drive, one of which has been described as ‘extremely dangerous’ by a councillor.

Both crossings – by the junction of Eldon Road and by the junction of Green Street – are set to undergo works to improve visibility and repaint its road markings.

Cllr Bennett said: “Taking into account the report we have had before us and the officers’ comments, I am very happy to agree the recommendations.

“I have a great deal of confidence that you have looked at other options and other ways of doing it and am certain this is the best approach.”

Before making his decision, Cllr Bennett heard how the proposed works had been subject to a public consultation.  The consultation received 110 responses, 97 of which were either supportive or strongly supportive.

Many of the objections asked for further improvements rather than for no work at all, Cllr Bennett heard.

Some of these additional works had already been considered as alternative proposals, officers said, but had been deemed less feasible.

The proposals were also welcomed by ward councillor John Ungar (Lib Dem), who spoke to voice his support during the meeting.

Cllr Ungar said: “The Eldon Road and Victoria Drive junction is extremely dangerous, not because we’ve got drivers who are inconsiderate and not because pedestrians aren’t paying attention but because of the sheer volume.

“We have high volumes of traffic on this road and those crossings at both junctions are used by many adults but also many young people attending the five schools in Old Town and the school in Upperton.

“I’ve looked at the [alternative] schemes, some of which I thought were very good, but unless the county council had millions and millions of pounds we wouldn’t have been to complete them.

“In an ideal world we might be able to go there, but I recognise the county’s limited purse and I do think we need to move ahead with this improvement.

“In doing that, we need to continue to monitor what happens so if these improvements don’t solve some of the issues then we need to revisit it.”