Improve those cycling skills at special course

IF YOU’RE interested in improving your cycling skills this summer, snap up a place for a Bikeability course at Eastbourne Sports Park starting on Monday, August 6.

The courses, run by East Sussex Council, run throughout the summer to help children, and adults, become better cyclists.

They can be taken in one day, two days or a range of shorter sessions, depending on the skill level you wish to reach.

There are three skill levels. Level one teaches basic skills and bicycle handling away from traffic and can be taken in 90 minutes.

Level two gives children the skills they need to cycle safely to school on minor roads and can be taken over two days or as five 90 minute sessions.

Level two courses are ideal for children of ten years or older. Level three covers cycling in more complicated traffic conditions and is ideal for anyone interested in cycling for leisure or to school or work.

The level three courses are normally priced at £45 per person but are currently available for only £5 per person.

Level 2 courses cost £16 per person and Level 1 courses cost £6 per person.

For more information about cycle training and Bikeability courses, ring 01273 482490 or email