I nearly blew my top over ID

I recently paid a visit to a hardware shop in the Arndale Centre to purchase a new Stanley knife.

I was asked by the assistant for proof of age. I looked at him and ask if he was joking, his reply was “Sorry sir I can’t sell you this knife unless you prove to me you are over 18”.

By now I was becoming a little heated. I sarcastically I offered my bus pass, he looked at it and said it did not show the date of birth.

Then he spotted my driver’s licence in my wallet, asked to see it and after inspection he said, “That’s fine sir, sorry about all that sir, but we are not allowed to sell such a offensive weapon to under 18s.” I am 78.

While I support such a policy, a little discretion on the part of the staff of this shop could have saved me almost blowing my top, not to say the embarrassment it was causing me to other shoppers.

RA CURTIS, Bexhill Road.