I’ll be £400 worse off over change to school bus service

A group of parents in Herstmonceux have protested against a county council proposal to change the provision of school bus services in Herstmonceux.

One parent has told how will be left £400 out of pocket if East Sussex County Council’s plan is approved.

He said, “Herstmonceux is one of those areas and children from the village have traditionally enjoyed free travel to either Heathfield or Hailsham Community College.

“The proposal would mean that in future children from the village will only get free travel to Hailsham.

“This is unfair as many people in the village already send their children on the bus to Heathfield.

“Families who want to send subsequent children to the same school will end up either having to pay approx £400-per-year, or send them to different schools.”

A spokesman for East Sussex County Council said, “Firstly we should stress that this is a change we are consulting on, so no decisions have been made. It is not a change from the existing home to school transport policy, but a reinterpretation of that policy. We should also make it clear that we are not proposing to remove support from pupils already receiving it, or those who receive support under the low income criteria.

“This proposal would only affect those families who live in joint catchment areas.”

The deadline for responses to the consultation is 31 October