I know it’s only rock and roll, but I like it

Rob Willis played Johnny B Goode
Rob Willis played Johnny B Goode

TAKE a mix of musical rockers, a rebel group trying to be accepted and a good old-fashioned romance and you have Seaford Musical Theatre’s latest performance in a nutshell.

We Built This City enjoyed an almost packed audience on its opening night at The Barn Theatre in Seaford last week.

The cast of Seaford Musical Theatre – including the junior team as well as older cast members – put on an impressive performance which saw the audience clapping along to a number of hit songs.

The original story, delivered by director Paula Woolven, focuses on a futuristic city built on the principles of rock and roll where all the other music is banned.

The council of the future is led by Alderman Goode (played by John Walsh) who is great at delivering his role with a dry sense of humour.

The council is made up of all kind of rockers including glam rockers, punk rockers and folkies but they face a dilemma when rebel group the Fusions decide they want to bring harmony to the new world.

Cue Peggy-Sue, leader of the Fusions and Johnny B Goode, son of Alderman Goode.

The pair, played by Shana Edwards and Rob Willis, play their parts brilliantly as the audience watch a romance unfold between the two.

However, will Johnny B Goode stay true to his father’s wishes or support the love of his life?

The audience watch the story unfold through a series of songs including Proud Mary, Get it On and of course Johnny B Good and Peggy Sue.

As well as their acting skills shining through the main protagonists also sang brilliantly and Rob Willis was a great choice for Johnny as he had the dance moves to match.

Other great vocals were produced by teenager Rebecca Woolven in the Alice Cooper Son Hey Stoopid while the younger members displayed impressive dance moves, particularly for a rendition of a Lady Gaga song, complete with face masks, including a silver lobster.

The guitarists, drummer and pianist added to the musical magic but the star of the show had to be eight-year-old Cameron Sinclair who played mini Elvis and stole the hearts of the audience.

Not only was the performance upbeat but the costumes and colourful scenery added to the show.

Flares, punk hairstyles, chains and a slick of eyeliner and eye shadow helped to deliver the story in a funky and fun fashion.

* Seaford Musical Theatre’s next show is ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ and runs from January 15 until January 19 next year.